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Scuba Diving Specialties

Experience the thrill of night diving, discover sunken treasure on a wreck dive, push your limits on a deep dive… and turn it all into a certification! Specialize in underwater activities with these PADI courses:

Wreck Diving Specialty4 dives, min. 2 days

Imagine diving into the blue abyss, following the descent line. Your eyes have nothing to focus on until suddenly – a huge sunken ship emerges from the blue haze right before your eyes!

Learn about the proper techniques for diving the wrecks and artificial reefs with this fun specialty course.

Deep Diving Specialty 4 dives, min. 2 days

Gracefully swimming and passing us by, a leopard shark slowly descends toward the sandy bottom. While following the majestic creature, suddenly we reach the depth limit of our training. We stop the descent and continue our dive with our favorite shark out of the sight but still in our thoughts.

Deep Diver Specialty license gives us the necessary training and experience to plan and execute dives to the maximum recreational diving depth limit of 40 meters.

Night Diving Specialty3 dives, min. 3 days

Black liquid in front of us makes it difficult to imagine we are about to dive into it. As we stride into the ocean, the flashlight in my hand lights up the reef revealing an unknown world – some fish hunting, some fish sleeping, shrimps exploring their surroundings, coral feeding… Night diving is a truly unique experience!

Get a prestigious Night Diving Specialty license in three evenings. It's the Yin to the diving Yang.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty 2 dives, min. 1 day

While my diving buddies focus on marine life, I'm too busy flailing my arms around. I feel like controlling depth is the most difficult skill ever. Is there a way to learn how to master this buoyancy thing?

Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty allows you to easily acquire necessary skills that will help you become a safer diver, minimize your air consumption and become a safer diver. It takes only two dives to make a big improvement.

Digital Underwater Photography Specialty2 dives, min. 1 day

I'm reluctant to compare the photos I've made on my last dive with my dive buddy. Even using a much better camera setup, my photos still look worse. What is his secret?

Learn about the techniques that will help your photos shine! It's a fun day diving with photos to keep and a certification on top!

Enriched Air Nitrox1 day theory

It's interesting to listen to more advanced divers talk about using different gas mixes and how they affect divers differently depending on diving depths. I wish I understood more of that diving theory.

Enriched Air Nitrox is the most popular specialty course worldwide. It's a first step into understanding the world of technical diving. The theory behind it is very simple to understand but – much like a Rescue Diver course – by making us more knowledgeable and prepared, this specialty also makes our dives safer.