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Discover Scuba Diving

Never dived before?

That first step is easier than you think! Even without any scuba diving or snorkeling experience, we can comfortably guide you through your first underwater experience. Join us for swimming pool try-dives on appointment, the perfect opportunity to step into our saltwater pool and test to see if scuba diving is for you. With a patient, experienced instructor by your side, strap on a tank and discover the magic of breathing underwater.

A short instructional video followed by an introduction from one of our instructors will get you ready to enter a shallow swimming pool and test your new superpower – scuba diving!

Want to witness a sea turtle rising through picturesque sunrays as they cut into the blue water near Maya Bay? You're ready for your first open water diving adventure!

Completing the swimming pool session allows you to join our dive trips. As a non-certified diver, you will be always accompanied by an experienced instructor throughout your diving experience. We never take you too deep, this program is limited to 12 meters of maximum depth but soon you'll discover that this is all it takes to meet Mr. & Mrs. Clownfish, befriend a sea turtle and explore the tropical marine ecosystems for the first time.