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Night Diving

Descend into darkness!

Diving at night offers a look at the other side of the coin: the beautiful emerald green of the Andaman fades into a black, as hordes of creatures rarely seen during the day come out to play. Equipped with dive torches our guests, accompanied by our experienced guides, have a chance to see a world they thought they knew transform into something completely different.

Under the steady beam of a torch a squid flashes by, corals take on vibrant colors unnoticed during the day; and crustaceans and other creatures come out of hiding. As no night dive would be complete without playing with bioluminescence, our professional staff happily take a moment to share this spectacular natural lightshow where with a wave of the hand the "sparks" fly.

Night dives are available as part of the Advanced Open Water course, as single training dives and as experience dives for divers with previous training.