PADI Diving Courses
PADI Diving Courses
PADI Diving Courses
PADI Diving Courses

PADI Diving Courses

Zeavola offers our guests a full range of PADI courses and experiences, taking you from your first breaths in the swimming pool to continuing your education up to professional level. We take pride in providing the opportunity to open the doors of an underwater world at a pace that suits everyone.

If you’re looking to head start your scuba certification by doing the theory before your arrival, you can just ask us for a digital book, so you will not need to study while on holidays.

A wide range of stunning dive sites on Zeavola’s doorstep guarantee that your diving education will be a beautiful, memorable adventure.

Well-maintained Scubapro kits are always on hand for guests, which simplifies life for those not wanting to lug their own equipment through airports and ensures the safety of every guest who joins us on a diving adventure.

Zeavola’s secluded fresh water pool provides the perfect setting to take your first underwater breaths. At a depth of 1.5 meters, the secure area is the perfect environment to become comfortable and familiar with the equipment and the exciting feeling of breathing underwater before setting off on one of our many marine adventures.

duration 1/2 day

Gift the joy of Scuba diving to the little ones! This super safe and super fun swimming pool based program is suitable for children 8 years old and above. It’s an exciting activity that’s guaranteed to turn into a memorable experience!

Scuba Diver Course
duration 1.5 days

Ready to take the plunge but don’t have enough time to take part in a full Open Water Course? Zeavola allows guests the opportunity to be certified to a depth of 12 meters within just 1 ½ days under the careful guidance of a certified professional. With an opportunity to book dozens of memories of the marine beauty in Phi Phi national park, as well as leave Zeavola with a license to dive, this course is a favorite of our short and long term guests alike.

Open Water Course
duration 3-4 days

A PADI Open Water diving license is a divers’ passport to the world, allowing them to dive to a full 18 meters of depth. As the largest certifying agency in the world, PADI divers’ qualifications and skills are recognized by all dive shops. Zeavola’s Open Water course is designed to provide a balance between learning diving and relaxing within our resort.

You will take your first underwater breaths in our crystal clear pool and begin learning the skills necessary to be safe and confident Open Water divers. With a pool session under the belt, it’s time to embark on the first day of open water diving – 2 dives to 12 meters. During the first day of diving, as well as the second day, consisting of 2 dives to 18 meters, new scuba divers can practice their newly acquired skills with the local marine life as an audience.

For those wanting to get the “book work” done before they arrive on holiday, e-mail us ahead of time for the option of getting a digital book.

Advance Open Water Course
duration 2-3 days

Exploration, excitement and experience are exactly what PADI designed its Advance Open Water Diver Course for, as it broadens diver’s abilities with additional training in five different Adventure Dives. The required Underwater Navigation and Deep Water Diving (down to 30 meters) dives help further develop basic diver skills. In addition to these two Adventures Dives, Zeavola guests can talk with a member of our professional staff and choose additional three specialty dive topics including Night Dive, Wreck Dive, Underwater Naturalist, Digital Underwater Photography and Fish Identification.

Adventure Dives
up to 3 dives per day

Zeavola Adventure Dives offer guests the opportunity to add skills and experience to their diving repertoire under the guidance of professional staff. For Open Water certified divers looking to take the next step in their diver education who don’t have the time to complete a full Advanced Open Water course, it’s possible to choose to do any Adventure Dive as a standalone experience. Afterward, the training will be logged and signed off by an instructor in our guests’ logbook. These singular experiences are the perfect way to go beyond the normal limits of a diver’s certification and explore dive sites after the sun has set with a Night Dive or to go deeper with a Deep Dive.

Rescue Diver Course
duration 3 days

Widely recognized as the most entertaining yet the most rewarding of the non-professional level courses, our PADI Rescue Diver Course gives guests the experience necessary to help prevent dive problems and properly manage them if there is a diving emergency. This is the first time that recreational divers are asked to start thinking about other divers’ safety, in addition to their own. This is a major step toward joining the PADI dive professionals. Open water dives within the marine park offer the opportunity during the course to surmount the challenges presented during the rescue scenarios and underwater search and recovery. This course pushes a diver beyond their original understanding of safe diving and emergency preparedness, leaving them stronger, more competent divers.

Dive Master Course
duration 60-90 days

This course is the first rung on the professional ladder of the dive industry. It allows a guest to join the Zeavola dive team in a challenging, fun course that encompasses all the skills and requirements necessary to becoming a professional diver. For those looking for more information about entering the PADI professional dive community, please e-mail us and we will send you a comprehensive breakdown of the course and its benefits.

ReActivate Course
duration 2 hour

For certified divers that haven’t dived for six months or longer, we recommend a short refresher course that will get you quickly updated and prepared to join active divers in their underwater explorations. There is no need to re-take your courses, this 2-hour refresher will awaken your dormant diving skills and allow you to hover masterfully next to a Hawksbill turtle or observe a clownfish family from a close distance.

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