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Zeavola's commitment to environmental education flies-to new heights with launch-of captivating birdwalk

For immediate release:June 25, 2013

KOH PHI PHI, THAILAND – Koh Phi Phi's leading luxury boutique dive resort Zeavola is bringing its commitments to conservation and environmental education above the waterline with a captivating Birdwalk, offering holidaymakers and budding ornithologists a glimpse into the private lives of the island’s intriguing tropical bird population. 

This latest addition to the PADI Five Star resort has been inspired by the abundance of fascinating and sometimes rare birds that inhabit the trees around Zeavola, with the resort endeavouring to make knowledge of the amazing creatures accessible to guests and visitors.

“Over the years we have noticed a very high number of tropical birds which are calling the trees around Zeavola their home, we’ve counted 18 different species of bird living and breeding within the resort and it only seems right to share these natural wonders with our visitors,” said Zeavola General Manager Florian Hallermann. 

Soon to be accredited as a Green Fin resort by the Phuket Marine Biological Centre, Zeavola has a strong hands-on approach to environmentalism, having recently launched a new reef watch and regeneration initiative called Project 'Coral Freedom'.  

“Through sharing knowledge about the fascinating wildlife around Phi Phi, in water and on land, we are able to highlight the threats posed to our local ecosystems and help our guests enjoy a vacation that is both relaxing and rewarding,” said Mr Hallermann.

The Birdwalk at the resort offers an informative and relaxing stroll amongst verdant flora with species-specific information boards dotted along the way, allowing guests an introductory insight into the beautiful animals’ behaviours. For serious avian enthusiasts, binoculars and bird books are also available to provide an immersive bird watching experience.

The impressive array of colourful critters includes the dazzling yellow Oriol, the dramatically feathered Drongo and the regal Greater Goucal. With a keen eye, a quiet step and a bit of luck, most of the local bird species are easy to find.

Zeavola's Birdwalk and its commitment to the Andaman's coral reefs are part of a wider participation in community and wildlife conservation projects. The dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility can be seen throughout Zeavola with features such as a water reserve system which includes four deep wells and a reverse osmosis plant to completely minimise unnecessary water consumption at the resort. 

The award-winning Zeavola resort perches atop the sparkling sands, verdant slopes and pristine waters of Koh Phi Phi Don's northern tip at Laem Ton, promising guests a step back into simplicity and an unforgettable journey of relaxation, romance and discovery. 

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Note to Editors:

Zeavola is Koh Phi Phi's leading and most loved luxury diving eco-resort. Located at Laem Ton on Koh Phi Phi Don's stunning and pristine northern tip and less than an hour by luxury speedboat from Phuket, Zeavola offers guests a step back into simplicity, a journey of unforgettable discovery and deeply engaging luxury diving experiences. Zeavola's Dive Centre is a certified Green Fin Resort by the Phuket Marine Biological Center as well as a PADI Green Leaf dive centre and PADI Five Star Diving resort. Zeavola is strongly committed to live and work together with nature in a sustainable manner to protect the biodiversity of our island while always looking for new and unique ways to connect our guests to Phi Phi on a deep level while offering luxury as natural as it is authentic.