Zeavola Resort Zeavola Resort

Constantly Refining

Low season was a time of reneweal & renovation and the team really rallied up their best efforts to get alot achieved – sometimes in the pouring rain, but almost always with a smile on their face. A long laundry list of achievements, that include refurbishing most of the villas with an engineered wood for the outside showers that will lat for 10years, the arrival of an enlarged reverse osmosis system and many more. You've got to stay active during these quiter months, to ensure the high season runs smoothly and according to plan.

Gardening in the jungle is always a highly sought after task, and much of this work will continue for the 2 months into the high season. The orchestra of birds above providing a nice backdrop for a days work.


In the technical department the arrival of the enlarged water tanks will lead to higher guest satisfaction during the busy months as we'll rely less on desalinated salt water and reduce overall environmental impacts due to less soapy chemicals needed in the shower & laundry.


The Resort received two brand new speedboats one specifically for diving and the second one for touring and for private speedboat transfers. The fleet therefore will be all new and well designed to meet the needs and expectations of all Zeavola Guests.


In the Restaurants the combined new team of Mr. Lion our EAM Food & Beverage and Leo our Executive Chef  have been working for several months on improving the equipment, buffet setups, menu presentation and obviously also the Menu selection for all of our guests. Many new and exciting changes are in the process of being implemented. All guests can look forward to an exciting Dining experience during their stay at the Zeavola Resort, including this flaming chocolate ball

With all of the above the Zeavola Team is gearing up for the main season with many significant improvements already implemented, and we're hoping this continued refinement helps leave an even more positive imprint within the hearts and minds of all our guests.