Zeavola Resort


New Faces Joining The Ranks

As the Zeavola continues to go from strength to strength it is with great pleasure we are able to welcome these new faces into the fold:


Position: Activity Centre Manager

Q: Where in the world were you working before Zeavola?
A: My last two years were spent in Sri Lanka, where I opened and managed a sports and activities centre for Cape Weligama,, a Relais Châteaux resort in the southern part of Sri Lanka.
Q: What attracted you to Thailand in the first place?
A: Thailand is where I started diving, so it great to be able to come back here after 6 years. Thailand reminds me why I am in this industry. The people, the diving and the food attracted me back here in a BIG way!
Q: What is your favourite meal on the Zeavola menu?
A: I have not had the pleasure of trying everything yet, but Pad Thai is always a winner.
Q: What is your favourite dive site in Phi Phi?
A: Of the dive sites I have been to, I would have to say Anemone Reef. Beautiful little pinnacle covered in…you guessed it, Anemones.
Q: What do you believe is fundamental to providing great guest experience?
A: A positive attitude and most importantly having a strong team that works together. 


Position: Dive Instructor
Q: What attracted you to diving and where did you learn to dive?
A: The ability to explore the ocean in a new way. I learnt to dive in the murky waters of Hong Kong.
Q: What was the best holiday of your life so far?
A: Road trip in the US with my brother.
Q: Favourite meal on the Zeavola menu?
A: Lava cake
Q: What is the most common feedback you hear after guests finish a tour with you.
A: Thank you.
Q: If you could wake up tomorrow with any new skill what would it be?
A: Acrobat


Position: Dive Instructor
Q: What’s the best thing about working here in Phi Phi?
A: White sandy beaches, great people and amazing food!
Q: Where in the world were you working before Zeavola?
A: Maldives
Q: What was your first oversees holiday?
A: Morocco
Q: What attracted you to Zeavola?
A: Location and great vibes.
Q: Do you believe in unicorns?
A: No, but I do believe in mermaids.

Chef Leo

Q1:What is your favourite dish on the menu?
A: My favourite is Braised lamb shank. It looks very beautiful and tastes amazing. I spend four hours preparing this dish.

 Q2: Why did you start cooking?  
A: When I was a child I learnt from my mother. I love the art of cooking and food presentation.

 Q:What is the hardest thing to cook?
A: For me, nothing is hard to cook.

Q:Why do you love working at Zeavola?
A: I work here 4 years ago the Zeavola is my family good staff and good boss. Then move to PhiPhi village resort. But I never forgot the Zeavola that why I’m back here again.  

Q: Where are you from?
A: I from Nan, a small city of Northern Thailand.

Lion Imhof

Position: Executive Assistant Manager
Started: June

Q1:  Where has your career taken you since you left Germany?
A: My first job in Thailand was on Koh Lanta. Later I worked in Bangkok and in Krabi, before I’ve been back to Island life here on Koh Phi Phi.

Q2: You’ve redesigned the menu, what can future guests of Zeavola expect that is different from the past?A: Together with our Head Chef Leo, we have been creative in changing 90% of the Menu. We have delightful tropical creations and on surly all the classical Thai Dishes you would expect to have when you are traveling to Thailand.

Q3: What do you believe is the one of the key differences between Zeavola and other island resorts you know?
A:Truly to be barefoot all the time and the naturally Jungle setting of the resort.

Q4: What’s the one thing you can’t live without in your work day?
A:This fancy USB-C Adapter for my MacBook

Q5: Any exciting new projects underway for this high season or beyond?
A:We have many small projects in the pipeline, but the Digestive- Trolley for Tacada our Beach Restaurant will be next to be implemented. 

Derek Burchell Burger

Position: Marketing Manager
Started: Sep
Originally hailing from South Africa, Derek has worked in destination marketing for over 10 years across multiple disciplines and has managed to travel the world as a blogger, setting up Phukets first tattoo culture blog,
an African Travel blog, consulting with South African's top budget overland safari company as well working with two of the continents most luxurious brands, Time + Tide, Encompass Africa and others. He rarely stands still.
Q: What’s your favourite menu item at Zeavola?
A: The Prime Tuna is the best I’ve ever had in Thailand
Q: What’s an example of a significant impact to a business you’ve ever made in your career so far?
A: The best is stilll yet to come. I am currently working for Phuket's best tattoo studio and we have some big content ideas/projects already underway and weaving it all together with a local network of like minded businesses.
Q: What’s your favourite time of the day at Zeavola?
A: Sounds cheesy but I love the mornings when the sun is glistening and the birds are chirping.
Q: What can't you live without in your working day?
A: My suite of apps, the DJII camera's and of course, coffee.


May Thaweechat

Position: Personal Assistant To GM
Started: Sep
May has lived and studied abroad in the UK, attaining a Master's Degree in International Law. She loves Phi Phi island and outside of work she enjoys keeping fit, travelling and photography.
Q: What’s something people wouldn't realise about you from just face value?
A: I'm secretly a great singer!
Q: Why did you choose to work at Zeavola?
A: Because I love Phi Phi Island!
Q: What’s the best thing about living/working on an island?
A: Everyday feels like a holiday!
Q: What’s one thing you can’t live without in your work day?
A: Coffee
Q: Favourite menu item at Zeavola?
A: Chef Salad

George Kirtley

Position: Dive Instructor
Started: July
George kickstarted his underwater career at Coral Divers for 2 years and has worked in Dive Centres around South Africa. He loves guiding tailored trips and his knowledge & passion for diving consistently comes back as positive feedback from guests.

Q:  Why did you become a dive instructor?
A:​  I love teaching and helping people discover the beauty of the underwater world
Q: What's your favourite dive site on the island?
A: That would be the wreck nearby Viking cave. Tons of lion fish, scorpion fish, yellow snappers and huge schools of fish.
Q:What is your favourite item on the Zeavola menu?
A: It's a tough decision between the Pasta's or the Zeavola Burger!
Q: What's the one thing you can't live withou in your work day?
A: Outside of the givens like oxygen tanks and good weather conditions, I don't go anywhere without my watch and dry bag!
Q: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
A: I would go for mind reading, or in some instances mind control haha. Only for positive purposes obviously..