Zeavola Resort

Loy Krathong Festival

Loi Krathong[a] (Thai: ลอยกระทง, IPA: [lɔːj kràʔ tʰoŋ]) is a festival celebrated throughout Thailand and the name could be translated as "to float a basket" which comes from the tradition of making krathong or buoyant, decorated baskets, which are then floated on a river.

For many Thai’s this brings back fond childhood memories of crafting the beautifully presented Krathongs and setting them adrift as part of letting go of any negatively charged emotional or spiritual baggage and for some honouring the Goddess of Water, the Hindu Goddess Ganga.

Like with all cultural celebrations in Thailand it is really a sight to behold and the various departments at Zeavola decided to pool their collective artistic flair and compete against each other to see which department could create the most aesthetic Krathong to be judged by the lucky guests whom are staying at Zeavola during this festival.

“It really is a great opportunity for the guests to experience something uniquely Thai and Thai culture is an integral part of our value proposition at Zeavola. You could see the smiles on the faces and hearts of all the guests and staff as they participated & shared in Loy Krathong” said Florian Hallerman.

In an seemingly perfect harmony with the stars this years Loy Krathong fell on the exact same night as the super moon, which added to the ambience as guests enjoyed cocktails under a rather rare and awe inspiring ”supermoon”.

With the supermoon and the enthusiasm of the guests and staff this years Loy Krathong was a truly stellar event and it reminds many of the staff why they choose to call Zeavola home. There is just a certain kind of energy here under the palm tree’s and there is nothing we love more than magical moments like this that we get share with our guests.